Open Protein AI - User Guide

Welcome to OpenProtein.AI! OpenProtein.AI is a powerful platform that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art machine learning and generative models into protein engineering workflows. We help you to design better proteins faster by giving you access to cutting-edge protein language models, prediction and design algorithms, as well as data management and model training tools. Easily build and deploy high-performance Bayesian protein function predictors, or apply generative protein language models to design sequence libraries, all via our integrated platform. can be accessed via both web App and API, making it great for both biologists and protein engineers, as well as data scientists and software engineers.

Getting started

Explore our platform with detailed documentation and step-by-step instructions to perform specific tasks, and leverage the various tools and features provided.

New to our platform? Here’s how to get started!

Using the app

Our web application provides an easy-to-use user interface for project and data management, sequence-to-function ML model training, sequence analysis, and sequence design capabilities. The app is divided into two primary modules: Projects, which provides tools for iterative protein design, and PoET, our generative protein language model for de novo design.

Visit the App docs to learn more:


Deep dive into our platform and its offerings through step-by-step guides and tutorials.The walkthroughs are accompanied by demo datasets that can be used to explore the platform. Explore the demo datasets, walkthroughs, and tutorials:

API docs

The API Documentation provides a comprehensive guide to the endpoints available for interacting with the system’s key modules: Projects, PoET, and Embeddings. Gain a clear understanding of the available API endpoints and effectively utilize the system’s functionalities programmatically.