Property Regression#

Tap into the Property Regression module’s functionality and explore all endpoints available. Effortlessly access features like model training, making predictions, designing sequences based on properties, and checking job statuses—all programmatically for a seamless and efficient experience.


Endpoints to upload a dataset to OpenProtein.AI’s engineering platform for training, predicting and evaluating tasks. The expected format of each dataset as 2 column CSV:

  • The full sequence of each variant (mutation codes are also accepted)

  • 1+ columns with your measured properties (missing values are acceptable)


Endpoints to train a model(s) on your measured properties to enable predictions for new sequences! These workflows will additionally perform cross-validation on specific models to estimate uncertainty.


Endpoints for predicting properties on arbitrary sequences with your OpenProtein.AI trained models! Make predictions for single sequences as well as single mutant variants of the sequence.


A trained model is required before predict endpoints can be utilized.


Endpoints to design new sequences based on your stated objectives and our genetic algorithm! These endpoints will require datasets to be uploaded via assaydata endpoints.


A trained model is required before design endpoints can be utilized.