Running a prediction

This page allows you to enter an arbitrary variant sequence and make property predictions for that sequence and all single variants of it using your trained models. Click “Predict sequence…” or right click a sequence in the variants table and select “Predict this sequence” to go to the prediction page.

Click “Run a new prediction…”, select your models, and click run. This may take a few minutes to run if the system is busy. Feel free to navigate away.

Prediction results

Once the prediction job is finished, you will be presented with a table that contains: * predicted property values and * standard deviations for your query sequence.

Standard deviations indicate the degree of uncertainty in the predicted property value for your query. Additionally, a heatmap will be displayed that shows the favorability of each substitution mutant of your query sequence based on their predicted properties.

To customize the variant score based on the predicted property values, you can open the “Show heatmap options” drawer. Here, you can define the variant score by setting whether a property should be greater than, less than, or as close as possible to a target value, which you can set for each property.

You can also toggle properties on and off using the check marks, adjust how the individual properties are weighted in the score, and modify the color scaling of the heatmap by changing the minimum, mid, and maximum values.


The heatmap provides a means to explore alternative design objectives by adjusting the scoring criteria in the heatmap options. The "Export" button allows you to download the single-site predictions as a CSV table.