Getting Started with OpenProtein.AI’s API

Step 1: Request early access

You can install the package via pip or conda as below:


pip install openprotein-python


conda install -c openprotein openprotein-python

The source code is available here.

Want to start with the web version?

Use your username and password credentials generated at sign-up to authenticate your connection to OpenProtein backend.

OpenProtein Job System

The OpenProtein.AI platform operates with an asynchronous framework. When initiating a task using our Python client, the system schedules the job, returning a prompt response with a unique Job ID. This mechanism ensures that tasks requiring longer processing times do not necessitate immediate waiting.

When you submit a task, such as using the method


a Future Class is returned for results tracking and access. You can check a job’s status using the refresh() and done() methods on this Future Class. If you wish to wait for the results, you can use the wait() method, or the get() method if the results are already completed. In addition, you can resume a workflow using the load_job function along with the unique job ID obtained during task execution. This method will return a Future Class, allowing you to continue from where you left off.

OpenProtein API session

Executing workflows is acheived with the OpenProtein APISession object (see openprotein.APISession())

session = openprotein.connect(username="username", password="password")

You then have access to all the workflows:
For example



Step 4: Get started using our tools

Quick start tips

Do you want to…

Make sequence predictions or designs without using any data?
Get started with PoET which uses evolutionary information to generate protein sequences

Analyze your experimental data for library design?
Create your first project and deploy machine learning models trained on your data
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Explore your protein’s structure?
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